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Charles Simeon on the preacher’s task

I do love Charles Simeon (1759-1836). Fearless in rejecting party spirit in theology and pastorally discerning through his existential focus of the preacher’s and theologian’s task – relating truths to life!simeon-1

“In Scripture, there are Calvinistic principles to act on man’s hopes, and Arminian principles to act on his fears; both are needful, and combine to produce the right effect. Man has hopes and man has fears, and God has given us a revelation exactly suited to all the wants of our nature, and exactly adapted to all our capacities. He has mercifully adapted His revelation to our dispositions, nay, even to our vices. For the desponding and broken-hearted sinner, here is a salvation not depending on his own merits, or his own feeble efforts. For the sluggish, or confident, or easily quieted conscience, here is a salvation which we must work out, a danger of becoming a castaway even after preaching the Gospel to others, a danger that one who thinketh he standeth may nevertheless fall. Give an Arminian cup to the former class, and it is poison; give a Calvinist cup to the latter, and it is poison.”

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