A parable. Not a joke

Once upon a time there lived a father like no other. He was super-smart, super-good, and super-strong. In fact, he was so amazing he could fully control everything that happened under the roof of his beautiful home, including all the desires and the doings of his four children.

One day he came into the kids’ playroom and told his children not to play with matches. Then he returned to his study where he ensured that the kids do just that and set the house ablaze. As soon as he smelled the smoke he burst out of his study and into the playroom. The flames was raging. The smoke was thick and all four kids were lying as dead on the floor. He bent over, grabbed one of children and hurried him to safety just outside the house. He never returned for the other three.

The media was outside eager to interview the father: “Why didn’t you save your other three children?” one reporter asked abruptly. “Yes, thank for the question, but before I answer it let me emphasise that this tragic event was determined by myself in all of its details. In fact, it worked out exactly as I had meticulously planned. May I also remind you that I was very clear when I told my children not to play with matches. So, you see, my other three children simply got what they deserved. Sure, I felt compassion towards them, but I chose to carry out my plan so that everyone will appreciate just how clever, merciful, and just a father I am.”


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